ETF Statement on Air France’s dismissal plans

21 Oct 2015

The ETF and its affiliates support the workers of Air France in their fight against the company’s plans which aim in particular to dismiss, in a first stage, 2,900 jobs in 2016 (of which 1,700 are ground staff members, 900 cabin crew and 300 pilots).

The ETF also opposes the attrition plan presented by the management.

The ETF denounces unconditionally the social violence. In line with its affiliates in Air France, it deplores the physical violence that occurred on 5 October but it opposes any attempts to criminalise the actions of trade unions.

The ETF demands the reinstatement of the dismissed workers.

Its organisations call for the establishment of a quality social dialogue which is the only possibility to define an ambitious strategy for industrial development.

The ETF encourages affiliates to act in unity and takes note of the action on 22 October to demand a better future for Air France.

Several ETF affiliates already expressed support to Air France unions. If your union is also planning any solidarity action for the Air France workers, please let us know at


The original French version of the statement can be downloaded below.