ETF Talks | Digital & Social Disruption: Are the gig economy and fair work compatible?

6 Nov 2020

Coming your way on November 18 at 1 PM: Is the gig economy compatible with fair work? To answer this burning question, we’ve brought together MEP Johan Danielsson, ETF Vice President, Jan Villadsen; ETUI’s Director of Research Department, Nicola Countouris; and ETF’s General Secretary, Livia Spera as moderator.


Over the past years we have seen the emergence and proliferation of platform work, but not only. As a direct consequence, we’re also witnessing the proliferation of precarious work and bogus self-employment. By denying their role as direct employers, digital platforms and new business models avoid their responsibility for social protection, health insurance, pensions, etc, of their workers.

Trade unions are taking action at national and European level to limit the expansion of platforms, but political action around their regulation lags behind and they continue to benefit from a legal vacuum that givers them a competitive advantage compared to traditional companies.

What can be done? How are trade unions already curbing these practices at national level? What role do collective bargaining agreements, national and EU legislation have to play? How have these platforms used EU and national regulations to their advantage, and how do we stop this process from a legal point of view?

Find out on November 18 on our YouTube channel and social media (Twitter, Facebook).