ETF talks future of European transport sector with Members of the European Parliament

30 Sep 2019


Brussels – The ETF together with AK and ÖGB organised a workshop “European Transport Workers moving Europe forward” on 30 September 2019 in the European Parliament. The event was kindly hosted by MEP Ismail Ertug.

The new parliamentary term has just started and the Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) took office recently. MEPs as well as their assistants active in the field of transport and employment policies were invited to join the event.

The workshop served as an opportunity to exchange between workers’ representatives, decision makers and their teams on current and upcoming challenges the European transport sector and the workers will have to face, be it on land, sea or in the air. Participants discussed social and environmental sustainability as two key aspects for a well-functioning transport sector that benefits all.

Another important topic was social dumping and its consequences on working conditions as well as wages. As transport is a backbone of the European economy, it is crucial that the very people moving it on a daily basis have access to quality employment with decent wages and fair working conditions.

In addition to that, participants touched upon the topic of digital and technological changes. It was stressed that they need to be exploited to serve the needs of workers and in turn the society at large, and contribute to creating and maintaining quality jobs.

Lastly, the attendees had a chance to discuss the current state of play of the Mobility Package and possible ways forward for this file. The workshop was followed by a networking opportunity.

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