14 Oct 2021

ETF’s transport unions from all across Europe are standing up together to advance the fight against the spread of unfair labour practices and business models in logistics and e-commerce: we’re making our fight a European one. 

For the first time, on October 26, ETF will bring together affiliates organising in logistics and e-commerce across all sectors to build on trade union victories, discuss developments, and set out our priorities for action. This is to ensure that the negative effects of e-commerce can be overcome before they are allowed to spread.

This meeting will be the first step of many in our fight for decent and fair work in logistics at European level.

Our transport unions are actively organising, negotiating, and defending workers and have already made great strides in the fight against logistics giants and their anti-worker practices.

Now, it’s time to take up our fight for decent and fair work in logistics at European level to show multinationals and policymakers that unions and the workers they represent are a force to be reckoned with.

Agenda – the meeting will very much be participatory with discussions and exchange of ideas

  • 10:00  Opening by Frank Moreels, ETF president
  • 10:15 Discussion with ETF members
  • 11:45 The global trade union perspective, Stephen Cotton, ITF GS
  • 12:15 Interventions from the floor
  • 12:45  Lunch Break
  • 14:15 Discussion with shop stewards and delegates
  • 15:15 Interventions from the floor
  • 15:45 Conclusions by Livia Spera, ETF GS


With the spread of e-commerce and online shopping comes a business model which relies on the exploitation of its workers, intensifying the race to the bottom in rights, conditions and pay. This will affect transport workers throughout the supply chain across all sectors and change the very nature of transport work.

Unions across Europe are standing up against these negative effects. They’re showing logistics giants that they cannot just swoop in and ignore workers’ rights. Their efforts to organise and represent logistics workers are paying off. Recent trade union victories in Italy and Denmark show that the power of workers is a force that cannot be trampled upon. Together with our unions, the ETF will work to ensure that decent work is maintained and improved upon for all workers in the logistics and transport sector and that no regressions are allowed to occur.