ETF welcomes MEPs’ green light for Mobility Package

9 Jul 2020

MEPs cast their final vote today on the much-awaited Mobility Package, a massive reform of the EU rules governing road transport. The positive vote brings a series of European measures aimed at combating social dumping practices in the transport sector and solidifies the tireless work of ETF towards shaping a fairer road transport sector.

“The Mobility Package is a step in the right direction for Fair Transport! Unions have fought hard for this victory: we stand together against exploitation, unfair competition and social dumping and for us, this is a positive development! With the Package now adopted, we hope to witness the eradication of letter-box companies thanks to the rules on the return of the vehicle!  By voting positively today, MEPs have shown their true gratitude to the drivers who have kept Europe moving during COVID-19. They have helped restore trust in social Europe and we thank them for that!” said Frank Moreels, ETF President.

“This victory is a result of 3 years of assiduous lobbying by the ETF. This win comes from courage, trust and close cooperation with friendly forces from inside the Parliament. Our voices have finally been heard! We applaud the MEPs who, today, made the right choice! They not only voted for a Mobility Package, but also for better enforcement of rules, more effective checks, fairer competition, better working conditions for drivers, and against socially and environmentally unsustainable business models. Their implementation is a step towards a fairer road transport sector!” adds Roberto Parrillo, ETF Road Transport Section Chair.

The Package brings effective answers to a considerable number of problems that the road sector faces today notably on driving and rest time, cabotage, access to occupation, as well as on the special arrangements for the application of posting rules to professional drivers.

On better and smarter enforcement of rules in transport, the introduction of smart tachographs on heavy commercial vehicles will be brought forward by ten years, and will be made mandatory for light vehicles. The smart tachograph which is much harder to tamper with represents a real improvement for the safety of drivers, passengers and road users across Europe. Control authorities across the EU will be able to remotely detect tachograph fraud and excess and only stop vehicles in breach of the law, thus saving everyone time and avoiding long lines.

New rules will put an end to the damaging situation where truck drivers spent months living and working in their vehicles in appalling conditions. Drivers engaged in international transport will now benefit from returning home or to company base every three weeks.

The new rules on the return of the vehicle to the country where the company is established will see the end of letter-box companies and ensure a fairer climate for competition in the sector. This will put a stop to cheap road transport which hinders the goals of the European Commission’s Green Deal.

The ETF will now be focussing its efforts on making sure these rules are properly enforced. We’ll be keeping a close eye on compliance records in the road transport sector, that’s for sure!



Begüm Boynukalin, ETF Communications Officer,, + 32 (0)4 78 794 053