ETF welcomes new Vice-President, Jan Villadsen and thanks Alexander Kirchner for his tireless dedication

8 May 2020

After many successful terms and a substantial contribution to the ETF’s work, Alexander Kirchner who has served as ETF Vice-President since 2009 has stepped down following his retirement. On behalf of everyone at ETF, we thank Alexander for his commitment to the trade union movement over the years, and the significant role he played in strengthening the ETF. While he may be leaving the ETF, his precious contributions will remain.

Following Alexander Kirchner’s retirement, ETF’s Executive Committee has nominated Jan Villadsen as ETF’s new Vice President. Jan Villadsen is well known to the ETF and the trade union community as Chairman of the transport branch within the Danish trade union 3F and as a member of ETF’s Management Committee.

Indeed, Jan Villadsen has been very involved in union capacity building in Romania by helping with the organisation of truck drivers as well as in the work revolving around the Mobility Package and the new rules for truck drivers and companies.

We are proud to welcome him into his new role as Vice-President of the ETF and we look forward to working closely with him in what we know will be a strong partnership in our ongoing fight for transport workers’ rights.

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