European Parliament Votes in Favor of a Comprehensive European Port Strategy

17 Jan 2024

The European Parliament, during its latest plenary session in Strasbourg, has marked a significant milestone by adopting the own-initiative report titled “Building a comprehensive European Port strategy”. This decision follows unanimous support from the Transport and Tourism (TRAN) Committee in December last year.

The TRAN Committee’s report emphasises the urgent need for the European Union to establish a robust Port Strategy. This move is primarily aimed at preserving the economic independence of European ports amidst the rising tide of Chinese investments in key European port infrastructures.

The European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF), a keen observer and active participant in the formulation of this strategy, has played a crucial role in influencing the report’s final content. Initially, the draft report had a glaring omission – it failed to address the workforce, a critical component of the port ecosystem.

ETF’s contributions were instrumental in rectifying this oversight. The federation championed the inclusion of critical aspects such as working conditions, safety standards, just transition principles for greening ports, and adapting to digital advancements. These elements are vital for a strategy that claims to be “comprehensive” in its approach to addressing the multifaceted challenges and opportunities facing European ports.

The European Parliament’s endorsement of the report, which now includes a significant number of amendments supported by the ETF, is a testament to the federation’s commitment to safeguarding the interests of port workers across Europe. Attached with this announcement is the ETF Dockers’ detailed analysis of the approved document, providing an insightful perspective on the implications of the new strategy.

The European Commission is expected to respond to this parliamentary mandate within three months. The Commission’s options include either submitting a proposal for a Comprehensive EU Port Strategy or notifying the Parliament of its decision not to proceed, along with a detailed explanation.

The ETF remains vigilant and committed to monitoring the developments of this initiative. The federation assures its members and stakeholders of prompt updates on any new progress or decisions made by the European Commission.

For further information and insights, we encourage to review the attached ETF Dockers Position Paper on this file.