CLOSED | External expert: Development of guidelines on recruitment of migrant fishers

19 Mar 2019

Negligence in promoting decent working conditions in the fisheries sector leads to reduced interest in joining the profession by the EU citizens. This in turn contributed to the increased employment in the EU waters of migrant fishers (from non-EEA countries) who often end up working in precarious conditions or even fall victim to forced labour. Due to the specificities of the fisheries sector (working offshore for long periods of time), it is often overseen by the regulatory and enforcement bodies, making migrant fishers especially vulnerable.

The Social Partners would like especially to draw attention to the issue of the international recruitment and placement of migrant fishers, as cases of abusive and fraudulent practices are still reality in the sector.

There is therefore need for practical guidelines for the vessels owners on how to ensure that the private employment agencies that they engage comply with human rights and international and EU labour regulations.

The contractor should draft the guidelines for the vessel owners on the decent recruitment of migrant fishers. They need to include:

  • preconditions for international recruitment
  • mapping of international conventions, EU and national (focus countries: DK, ES, FR, IE, IT, NL) legislation and other non-binding sources concerning the private employment services and recruitment
  • model contracts (between a fisher and a private employment agency, between a fishing vessel owner and a private employment agency, and fisher’s work agreement)

Bids must be submitted by email to by 19th of April 2019.

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