Final report | EWCs in Transport: more and better participation of workers now!

26 Feb 2020

Over the past years, the transport sector has seen its companies growing, merging and operating in an increasing number of European Countries.  Companies that were once national or local have now acquired an international dimension with branches in a number of EU countries.

Transport workers from the different EU Member States, who continued working at the same airport or drive the same busses in their hometown, found themselves working for the same employer.

The EWC directive is of significant relevance for the transport sectors in this context – it provides all workers with the opportunity to create a European information and consultation body for their representatives in these multinationals.

The ETF-Syndex joint project called “EWCs in Transport: more and better participation of workers now!” succeeded in raising the awareness of ETF affiliates coming from all modes of transport on the role and prerogatives of an EWC, and the issues that should be considered when creating and running an EWC.  Several new EWCs were launched during this project which was a significant achievement.

In a time of digitalisation and automation of transport processes and operations, EWCs have an important role to play in addressing the consequences of internationalisation/globalisation of transport on jobs and working conditions.

On your right, you can find the final report of a 2-year EC funded project. It includes key information about the working of EWCs, and exercises for negotiators and EWC members.

We invite you all to download this guide and distribute it amongst unionists and your membership!