Geneva’s public transport workers strike for pay justice

11 Oct 2022

Public transport workers in Geneva will go on strike for pay justice from October 12 to October 13.

Geneva’s public transport workers play a crucial role every day in keeping their city moving even during impossible circumstances such as the pandemic.

Now, in the face of the cost of living crisis, they’re asking for a well-deserved pay raise. TPG (Transport Public Genève) offer of a 0,6% pay increase is an insult to their hard work over the years.

Public transport workers across Europe deserve a real pay increase that will allow them to cope with the soaring cost of living.

This industrial action in Geneva is the latest in transport workers’ strike action over jobs, pay and conditions across Europe.

All over Europe, workers are taking action to defend their jobs and demand fair pay to cope with the cost of living.

ETF stands by the industrial action of our transport workers and our Swiss union SEV. These actions can be avoided when companies are willing to negotiate fairly with unions – clearly, this is not the case for TPG.

Update: Thanks to successful strike action, TPG workers will receive full indexation of their salaries – a measure that will help them cope with the rise of the cost of living.