Happy birthday to us! ETF celebrates its 60th anniversary

1 Dec 2018

On November 29 2018 the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) celebrated 60 years of continuous commitment to fair transport, quality jobs for workers and a safe service for users. Since the establishment in 1958 of a representative office for railway unions from the 6 founding states of the European Economic Community, our movement has grown to encompass over 200 unions in 41 countries that represent over 5 millions workers in all transport sectors.

We celebrated this special day with a reception for our affiliates, brothers and sisters coming from all over the Europe. The reception was held alongside our Executive Committee, which brings representatives of affiliate from all over Europe. And were joined by policymakers, social partners and allies. It was wonderful to celebrate our 60th anniversary with those who support our mission to make the transport sector fairer.

We want to thank our affiliates again for joining us to celebrate the past, present and future of the European Transport Workers’ Federation. We look forward to the years ahead as we grow stronger in our organising, projects and campaigns – in order to guarantee that transport workers have the rights they deserve. And finally, we hope that our relations with the affiliates become even stronger in the future.


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