How can we organise Fair Inland Waterways Transport?

18 Sep 2015

From 16 to 18 September 2015 ETF affiliates during the 8th Annual seminar in Prague, Czech Republic discussed how to organise fair Inland Waterway Transport in Europe.

In order to further develop this sustainable sector, fair social conditions have to be in place in order to enhance labour mobility and to attract new, and young workers to the sector.

ETF affiliates opt for technology to create a fair sector. A smart tachograph and an individual crewmembers’ smart card can create an accessible and controllable social environment.

Harmonisation of professional qualifications is also a key-tool to create a safe and fair sector in Europe.

Of course creating legislation alone is not enough – correct implementation and enforcement is crucial for its success. ETF affiliates demand more and better enforcement and controlling tools, even sanctions in case of non-compliance.

Finally participants emphasised the importance of good infrastructure for the sector. Inland Waterways Transport should remain within the European Commissions’ focus when it comes to financing tools for infrastructure.