How YOU can support Turkish DHL workers in fight for union recognition

12 Jun 2018


Support our campaign demanding for union TÜMTIS at DHL Express Turkey!

Sign and share this LabourStart campaign.

DHL Express Turkey has refused to recognise ETF Affiliate Tümtis, despite a global promise to recognise unions and two Turkish court rulings in favour of Tümtis. The result of the most recent court case was announced Tuesday 5 June, followed on Friday 8 June by a global day of action calling on DHL to get to the negotiatio table. Check out for more information on the action day.

DHL are on the defensive, but they have formally stated: “we want to wait for the written court judgement to better understand the reasoning and to decide if we see a necessity to approach an appeal in court or not.” The written court judgement will be issued within 10 days after the oral judgement and after its publication, DHL Express Division has another 15 days to appeal against the judgement – meaning till almost the end of the month of June.

In order to maximise public pressure and expose of DHL Express Turkey’s behaviour, ETF and ITF launched the Labour Start Campaign. Please make circulate this Labour Start Campaign and get as many signatures as you can before 30th June 2018!

DHL workers in Turkey must have the same rights as in the rest of Europe – they deserve that their union Tümtis is recognised NOW!