“If workers are united”- a documentary about EWCs

3 Mar 2020

Trailer for the documentary “If Workers Are United” is now available!

The documentary will be released on International Workers’ Day, 1 May 2020.

“If the workers are united” is a documentary on European Works Councils in transport, co-produced by Syndex, CVB and the European Commission.

It answers the pertinent questions on the importance of EWCs and trade unionism today: Why set up an EWC? Are EWCs support for ETF affiliates? What experiences do EWC members have to share with new workers’ representatives? What is the importance of women in trade unionism?

Transport sectors are transforming, and workers in all countries are facing new challenges. The documentary demonstrates that unity across borders is the key to success in avoiding competition between workers.


The documentary was made as part of the project EWCs in Transport: more and better participation of workers now!