International Day for Women in Maritime 2023

18 May 2023

The Shipping industry needs more diversity and inclusion, decent working conditions, and stronger career prospects in a career having meaning and value. The ETF is working to address the current gender imbalance in the maritime, is promoting the role of women in the maritime industry as well as gender diversity and equality and is fighting gender stereotypes and gender discrimination.

To make this profession more attractive, we must understand that this cannot happen without decent jobs and without improving the daily living and working conditions on board. This is the only way to attract more women in the industry.

The role of social dialogue and collective bargaining is crucial in promoting the role of women in the maritime industry, in supporting life-long learning, work-life balance, and tackling the gender pay gap, for instance.

Under the WESS project, ETF and our Social Partner ECSA conducted studies on enhancing the participation of women in EU shipping:

Happy International Day for Women in Maritime!