Issue: Austerity

Joint conference on austerity and public services

ETF, in collaboration with EPSU and ETUCE, organized “Austerity: What Lessons Learned for Public Services?” This event gathered key stakeholders to discuss the impacts of austerity on public services and strategize future actions. ETF General Secretary Livia Spera emphasized the need for immediate investment to protect public sector jobs and services, highlighting the contradiction between the EU’s Green Deal ambitions and current funding for public transport.

25 Jun 2024

ETF, CER and UITP Joint Statement on EU Economic Governance Reform

ETF, UITP and CER issued a joint statement, highlighting that achieving the EU’s ambitious climate goals, particularly those related to transport emissions, hinges on significant investments in rail and urban public transport. The existing modal shift objectives established by the EU cannot be realistically achieved without a strong focus on these sectors.

22 Apr 2024

Finland: Political Strikes in Demand for Government Dialogue

Last week, Finland witnessed a significant moment in its labour movement history as thousands of workers took to the streets in a powerful demonstration against proposed government cuts. On February 1 and 2, the Finnish capital, Helsinki, became the epicentre of a massive mobilisation led by the trade union confederations SAK and STTK under the banner “STOP Now!” This nationwide protest was a direct response to the right-wing government’s plans to implement cuts in working life policies and social security, sparking widespread concern among the workforce.

6 Feb 2024

ETF Criticizes Proposed EU Fiscal Policies: A Threat to Transport Workers

In response to the EU finance ministers finalising the Council’s position on reforming the EU’s economic governance rules, the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) has expressed serious concerns. These reforms, perceived as a renovation of austerity measures, are detrimental to workers, and public funding for transport in Europe.

21 Dec 2023