Issue: Just Transition

EU Land Transport Labour Market: A Critical Examination of Trends and Policy Implications

Two years ago, the ETF launched a project to look in more detail at the roots of the above trends. Three reports – on road, rail and urban public transport were developed within the frame of the project to cast light on how liberalisation and market-opening policies led to undesirable effects that put at stake the very goals and objectives set by the same policymakers.

8 May 2024

Scrap of fuel taxation exemptions for fisheries can kill the sector

The European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) is sounding the alarm over the potential inclusion of fishing fuels under the revised Energy Taxation Directive. The ETF, alongside other European organizations representing the entire fisheries sector value chain, has sent a joint letter to the European Parliament and national authorities urging them to exempt fishing from the Directive’s scope.

8 Apr 2024

European Transport Workers’ Federation Calls for a Visionary Future for Rail Transport in Europe

As the Connecting Europe Days unfold, the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) stands with a resounding call for European policymakers to prioritize the future of rail transport on the continent. The railway sector has long been the backbone of European mobility, fostering economic growth, environmental sustainability, and social cohesion. However, without a cohesive and visionary strategy for its advancement, the potential of rail transport remains largely untapped.

2 Apr 2024

ETF at the Tripartite Social Summit

Concrete measures must be implemented to deter those who exploit the internal market by establishing letter-box companies in countries with lower working conditions and protections while providing services in more economically prosperous countries. This includes discouraging those who flout posting rules or engage in fraudulent employment schemes, thereby perpetrating social security fraud and utilizing fraudulent employment practices. 

21 Mar 2024

ETF Urges EU Commission to Address Risks of Emissions Trading System (ETS) on European Ports

ETF is voicing its concerns over the potential social and economic impact of the European Union’s Emissions Trading System on European ports. With the EU’s ambitious climate goals, including a 55% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, the ETF is aligned with the need for environmental action. However, the extension of ETS to the maritime sector, which will involve monitoring emissions from ships using EU ports from January 2024, has raised serious apprehensions.

8 Dec 2023

Joint Letter Urges EU Commission to Halt Investigations and Support Rail Freight

A coalition of European Parliament members and trade unions, including ETF and its affiliates, have jointly penned a letter to the European Commission, expressing their grave concerns about ongoing investigations into rail freight operators of France and Germany, and calling for decisive action to support the rail freight sector’s growth and sustainability.

23 Oct 2023