Issue: Public Rail Freight

Advocating for Fair and Sustainable Rail Freight in Europe 

In a roundtable discussion on the future of goods transport at the European Parliament, the perspectives of railway workers, various European industries and policymakers came together. The conversation, organized by MEP René Repasi in collaboration of ETF, centered around the challenges and opportunities the rail freight sector faces in Europe. The event saw a vibrant exchange of input and positions calling for consistency in policy making, as well as highlighting the importance of the rail freight sector. 

18 Apr 2024

European Transport Workers’ Federation Calls for a Visionary Future for Rail Transport in Europe

As the Connecting Europe Days unfold, the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) stands with a resounding call for European policymakers to prioritize the future of rail transport on the continent. The railway sector has long been the backbone of European mobility, fostering economic growth, environmental sustainability, and social cohesion. However, without a cohesive and visionary strategy for its advancement, the potential of rail transport remains largely untapped.

2 Apr 2024

The closure of SNCF Fret will not go ahead

The commission set up by the French parliament to investigate the French government’s decision to shut down SNCF Fret decides against the closure.
The ETF joins its French railway member organisations in welcoming this decision.

20 Dec 2023

ETF stands for public rail freight, for the jobs and the planet

The European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) is urging the European Union to halt its investigations into state aid for DB Cargo in Germany and SNCF Fret in France. This call for action is part of a broader campaign to safeguard the future of rail freight in Europe, a sector critical to the continent’s environmental and economic health.

22 Nov 2023