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The Parliament’s Vote on Revised Driving License Rules Spells Disaster for the Sector

The European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) is deeply troubled by the outcome of yesterday’s vote in the European Parliament regarding revised rules for driving licenses. ETF is especially concerned about the proposal to require all EU Member States to allow 17-year-old lorry drivers to drive heavy goods vehicles. The decision on minimum age requirements marks a significant setback in efforts to ensure road safety and prioritise the improvement of working conditions for drivers across Europe.

29 Feb 2024

ETF Raises Concerns Over Changes to EU Driving License Rules

In view of the European Parliament’s upcoming debate and vote on changes to driving license rules in the EU, the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) voices its concerns regarding the proposed reduction in the minimum age for truck and bus licenses. Last December, the TRAN Committee backed the Commission’s proposal to issue truck driving licenses to 17-year-olds, under the accompanied driving license scheme. At the same time, the reduction in the recommended minimum age for truck driving to 18 across the EU poses a further threat to road safety, as it will cause more Member States to follow suit.

Press Release
19 Feb 2024

The Red Sea crisis and the attacks on commercial vessels

The ETF is calling once more for the safety of seafarers to be paramount. All the disruption on the supply chain, the skyrocketing of the shipping prices and the insurance coverage together with the overall impact in the economy are very serious consequences, but are only secondary commercial considerations in comparison with the risk posed for the safety of seafarers.

19 Feb 2024

Get Logistics Workers Home Safely!

Logistics last mile delivery network in Europe presents a complex and challenging landscape for drivers, many of whom are not directly employed by directly by the big players likle Amazon. Instead, these drivers are part of a vast web of subcontracted companies.

24 Nov 2023

“Get Me Home Safely” Campaign for Railway Workers

After a first take on the Aviation workers, ETF’s campaign “Get me Home Safely” focuses now on railway workers. A video on the safety of railway workers was unveiled this week, shedding light on the often-overlooked issue of safe commuting for railway employees, especially women.

22 Nov 2023

ETF Launches “Get Me Home Safely Campaign” for Civil Aviation Workers

The European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) has taken a step in advocating for the safety and well-being of civil aviation workers with the launch of its “Get Me Home Safely Campaign” for the Aviation sector. A video on the safety of aviation workers was unveiled during a joint webinar with the Airport Regions Council (ARC), shedding light on the often-overlooked issue of safe commuting for airport employees, especially women. In the next weeks, new videos will be released.

27 Oct 2023

ETF Solidarity after railway accident in Italy

ETF in solidarity with Italian Unions after 5-death tragedy in Italy’s railway.

A serious rail accident occurred last night on the railway line between Brandizzo and Chivasso, Italy. Five railway infrastructure maintenance workers died, and 3 other workers were injured.

1 Sep 2023

ITF and ETF stand with pilots over safety threat

ITF and ETF stand together with IFALPA, ECA and US-ALPA in saying NO to reducing the number of pilots in the cockpit, as such a plan is nothing but “a profit-driven scheme that poses a significant safety risk”.

29 Mar 2023