ITF unveils new network for DHL pilots

3 Sep 2013

The ITF and its member unions are launching the DHL pilots network, a new initiative for flight deck professionals and their unions in DHL’s global aviation operations.

Unlike other global delivery companies such as FedEx and UPS, which run their own fleets, DHL works with a range of airlines that operate on its behalf.  The new network aims to inform and involve all those involved, so that the highest standards of crew treatment and working conditions can be promoted throughout the delivery giant’s aviation operations.

The network’s public face is a new website that invites flight deck crew or union/association activists to find out more, receive regular updates and share news, tactics and best practice. Inquirers are guaranteed that their details will be kept confidential.

The network is supported by Balpa (British Airline Pilots Association); the Teamsters’ Airline Division (USA); UNPAC Panama; ver.di (Germany); and the HKALPA (Hong Kong Air Line Pilots Association)

Ingo Marowsky, ITF global head – supply chain and logistics, commented: “This launch is the latest step in pooling the on the spot knowledge of those who work in what are increasingly globalised workplaces, and making sure that everyone who wants union representation has it.”

He continued: “We invite everyone – pilot and union alike – who is interested to join the discussion or just find out more.”