Karima Delli is reelected as Chair of the European Parliament Transport Committee

11 Jul 2019

MEPs in the European Parliament Transport Committee (TRAN) have chosen Karima Delli, a French Green, as committee chair. Ms Delli held the role in the previous legislature, and was a supporter of ETF’s campaigns and demands. We congratulate her on returning to the role, and sent her a letter of congratulations.

Dear Ms Delli,

On behalf of the 5 million transport workers represented by the ETF, I would like to congratulate you on your re-election as Chair of the European Parliament Transport Committee. I am convinced that you will continue your good management of the work of this complex and important Committee.

I am especially pleased to see a progressive figure at the head of this Committee and I want to underline that ETF shares with the Greens/EFA a strong commitment to freedom, equality and solidarity. We therefore very much look forward to continuing close and fruitful cooperation with you as we did in the previous legislature.

Transport creates a vital connection between countries and regions, enabling people and companies to communicate and trade with each other. Workers are the human core of this sector. It is in their interest that we promote international cooperation and joint action to ensure that European integration furthers the establishment and implementation of high social standards.

In the years to come, the European transport industry faces big challenges. One the one hand, social dumping remains a real threat to decent wages and working conditions, undermining the faith of workers in the European project. At the same time, the issues of automation and climate change demand our sustained attention. That is why we insist that social and environmental sustainability are two sides of the same coin. A well-managed transition can share the burden of change while creating quality jobs, a better work-life balance and a healthier planet.

As you know, the ETF is a key voice in the transport sector. We have always considered good relations with the TRAN Committee a major priority. I would therefore be grateful if we could have an exchange about these topics at a mutually convenient time.

I thank you for your kind consideration and look forward to meeting you in person.

Best regards,
Livia Spera
ETF Acting General Secretary

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