New European Standard for Qualifications in Inland Navigation

7 Apr 2020

Last week, CESNI published the consolidated version of the European Standard for Qualifications in Inland Navigation. This new 2019 version builds on the first set of standards from 2018, the so-called “Prague standards”. These included:

  • Standards for competencies;
  • Standards for practical examinations;
  • Standards for the approval of simulators;
  • Standards for medical fitness.

The main objectives of the standards in the field of professional qualifications are to:

  • Foster labour mobility by setting standards that can be used by the European Union (EU), the Central commission for the navigation of the Rhine (CCNR) and other legislators,
  • Increase the attractiveness of the profession;
  • Ensure safe navigation by means of ambitious requirements in terms of knowledge, skills and fitness;
  • Enable companies and crews to adapt to technical and logistic innovation.

The standard reflects some of the positions of the ETF and our affiliates, as we have contributed a lot of time and effort in the standards’ negotiations.

You can download the standard in English, French, Dutch and German.