Open letter to Transport Commissioner on the reality of port work

12 May 2017

Today, 12 May 2017, the ETF Dockers’ Section has sent an open letter to EU Transport Commissioner Bulc to address its points of view on the reality of port work. 

Already for many years the debate around port work in Europe has been tackled with a very dogmatic approach’ said ETF Dockers’ Chair Terje Fenn-Samuelsen. 

‘Over the last decades port work has been evolving and port workers have been adapting to the changing face of the maritime industry.  It is high time for the European Commission to understand what the reality of port work is and to listen to the perspective of those who move Europe forward’ he continued. 

He concluded by saying ‘ We have just learned about that a new proposal for reforming port labour in Spain was adopted today. I would like to reiterate the full support of the ETF to our Spanish members in view of their efforts to achieve a reform that is fair to workers’. 

The full content of the letter can be found HERE [link to the resource with the same name].