Practical ideas to increase women’s participation in urban public transport

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22 Dec 2016

WISE II is the follow-up project of the European social partners in the urban public transport sector, ETF and UITP. Our aim is to promote the implementation of our Joint Recommendations on Strengthening Women’s Employment in urban public transport.

WISE II checks on the quantitative development of women’s employment in Europe in our sector, giving an overview on the European equal opportunities legal framework. Most importantly, it publishes strategies and examples of company and trade union activities to promote women employment in the fields of:

  • Corporate and trade union gender policies
  • Recruitment and staff development policies
  • Specific measures on working conditions

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Strategies to promote women’s employment in urban public transport

This guide was produced by the ETF and the UITP through the EU-funded social dialogue project WISE 2 – Women‘s Employment and Gender Policy in Urban Public Transport Companies in Europe

It gives some background information in the issue and then presents a series of concrete examples of policies and practices.

The guide is available in BG, DE, EN, FR and RO.

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