Road transport workers, trade unions and MEPs gather in Brussels to demand a better Mobility Package

3 Dec 2018

Today, 3 December 2018, the ETF and its affiliates from all over Europe held a demonstration in front of the European Council, where transport ministers were meeting to discuss the Mobility Package.

The EU Mobility Package is a major reform of road transport rules proposed by the European Commission in early 2017. Ever since, the ETF has been committed to fighting for a better deal for all professional drivers and road users. The proposals on the ministers’ table would have meant more fatigue and longer away from home. So we took to the street to safeguard road transport workers’ rights.

Update: Union action brings improvement

Thanks to the massive participation of trade unions, MEPs and workers from across Europe, our demonstration had the power to influence transport ministers’ decision. After 14 hours of meeting, they reached a new agreement on the Mobility Package that was better than we expected. This shows that unions can make a difference when they stand together!

Although there are some positive changes in the latest draft, the Mobility Package is still far from being acceptable to unions and workers. The ETF will continue its fight for a better Mobility Package alongside transport workers and trade unions.

We are determined to get a fair deal to improve the working and living conditions of millions of bus, coach and truck drivers who move passengers and freight across Europe.