Romanian subway workers win fight for better pay

17 Dec 2018

Romanian metro workers have won a victory at the Bucharest subway operator Metrorex. After a long dispute, which involved the threat of a general strike and the resignation of the Romanian Minister of Transport, the company management and our affiliate USLM (ATU Romania) agreed on a 20% wage increase for the 2018-2019 period.

The new agreement will raise the metro workers’ gross salary from RON 3300 (EUR 710) to RON 4000 (EUR 860). It also guarantees two annual bonuses of RON 1000 (EUR 215).

Hailing these wage increases as a positive achievement, USLM President Ion Radoi states the fight is far from over:  “20% percent is only a modest increase considering the level of inflation. In Romania, the prices of food and utilities are rising day by day. We want to keep a decent standard of living for our members”.

The ETF welcomes this successful resolution and continues to support USLM in its fight to improve the living and working conditions of Metrorex workers.