Solidarity with Logistics workers in France!

12 Apr 2024

ETF stands in solidarity with logistics workers and their unions in France following the national mobilisation that began on April 2 for the entire logistics sector.

This national movement follows on from a local grassroots action at ID Logistics, an international contract logistics group based in France, with a revenue of €2,747 million (2023).

Following what was described as an ‘outrageous’ pay offer during annual pay negotiations – an increase in conventional rates from 0.6 to 1.13% – CFdT negotiators walked out and have since boycotted all meetings.

The national road transport section of the French union federation FGTE-CFdT has now called for a national transport workers’ mobilisation to call out logistics employers for their industry-wide disregard of their workers.

The logistics sector contributes 10% of France’s national GDP. During the global pandemic, their work was essential for the processing and delivery of vital medical equipment, as well as other goods and services that saved lives. This year, they will also play a crucial role in France’s global image in the preparation and running of the Olympic Games in Paris in July 2024.

The unions representing logistics workers in France are calling for a collective agreement that recognises the importance of their contribution to the economy and guarantees decent work and decent pay.

ETF President Frank Moreels said:

There is a problem at the level of pay and working conditions for logistics workers in France. And it is right that the unions that represent logistics workers have declared war on logistics employers. Employers that do not want to listen. That do not offer serious proposals on the purchasing power of their workers. And it is right that unions have now moved on to this action. We stand in solidarity with them!