Spain: ILO C188 “Work in Fishing” Convention enters into force

7 Mar 2024

The efforts to ratify the fundamental ILO C188 “Work in Fishing” Convention in Spain have paid off. On 1st of March a tripartite meeting took place to discuss its implementation.

Having the C188 ratified in a key fishing country such as Spain is extremely important, to make the social standards covered by this Convention even more relevant at global level and have an additional tool to fight for decent conditions for fishers in the Spanish and EU fleet. Moreover, it is an important step as more pressure is put on other big fishing countries to ratify the Convention and improve their social standards for fishers.

We acknowledge and appreciate the efforts to achieve this objective of the whole Spanish fisheries sector and in particular of our Spanish affiliates. Now the challenge will be to work for the proper implementation of the Convention in the whole fleet, including the distant waters vessels, and monitor the progress via social dialgoue and collective bargaining.