Successful Social Dialogue in Air Traffic Management (ATM)

4 Sep 2019

More than 70 representatives of the EU social partners are attending a workshop in Roma to discuss the implementation of the Toolbox for successful social dialogue in ATM.

The ETF, together with CANSO and ATCEUC, is organizing this final workshop which is the last activity of a co-funded project by the EU. The participants tested the knowledge acquired during the previous 6 workshops held in Warsaw, Florence, Tavira, Prague, Florence, Tallinn and Ghent.

They referred to the importance of the behaviour of the social partners which, in addition to being exemplary, must be congruent, i.e. they must reflect in a practical and concrete way the values they promote. It is clear that the communication, information, consultation and participation of trade unionists has been discussed at length. It was noted that specific methodologies need to be developed to ensure a quality dialogue, such as how to open a meeting, to develop face-to-face meetings, or to establish specific structures.

Finally, before resorting to conflict, the creation of internal committees provides a new forum for discussions that could ease tensions as the search for new avenues to work is proposed. If it fails, the use of external mediation can help the social partners to put the issues back on the table in order to restore social peace.

The partners agreed that these exchanges on the implementation of the toolbox were fruitful. They are looking forward to making it better known.