Switzerland: fighting for a fair visa policy for river cruise crews!

26 Mar 2019

As part of the Fair Transport Europe action week, the ETF and its affiliate Nautilus International organised an action demanding fair conditions in the river cruise business on 25 March 2019 in Basel.

The river cruise sector is booming and it can afford to treat its workers with dignity and respect!

Today in Basel, ETF affiliate Nautilus stood against the push for a revision of the Swiss visa policy, which would mean lower wages, more uncertain terms and poorer working conditions for third country nationals crew members. The race to the bottom has to stop! The ETF affiliates stand together to fight the dodgy business practices that damage quality services and undermine workers’ rights. All workers within the river cruise sector are entitled to fair wages and contracts!

Switzerland is a major actor in the European river cruise sector, as many vessels sail under a Swiss flag. The action, which took place in the framework of the Fair Transport Campaign, was organised on the occasion of a meeting of the shipowners and other relevant stakeholders of the sector.

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