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ETF warns: until real social improvements occur, the chaos will continue in aviation

Until the aviation industry is ready to offer real solutions to address the ongoing social issues in the sector, the 2022 summer chaos will repeat in 2023, warns ETF. In a letter to the EU Commissioner for Transport, ETF indicates that an honest social dialogue and ensuring that aviation is a good place to work are crucial to building a sustainable aviation industry.

Press Release
31 May 2023

Unions are the only guarantee for workers’ rights to be respected

Trade unions play a vital role in representing workers’ rights and interests. They are the credible voices demanding social protection for workers: unemployment benefits, pensions, or access to healthcare. Aviation workers across Europe are saying that the chances of decent working conditions and fair pay are non-existent unless a union represents workers.

28 Apr 2023

For a socially and environmentally sustainable aviation sector

Finding new ways and solutions to address the climate crisis while making sure we fairly represent the aviation workers’ interests was the main focus of the discussions we had with members of the ETF Aviation Section these last few days in Dublin.

5 May 2022