better working conditions

For a safe revision of the European Train Drivers’ Directive

A good revision of the European Train Drivers’ Directive (TDD) must ensure safety and good working conditions first. It is what rail workers across Europe asked at a TDD debate hosted in the European Parliament. ETF has been following the TDD revision from the very start and is committed to achieving a safe and sustainable rail that provides high-quality jobs.

5 Jul 2023

21 June, ETF Awareness Day on Driver Fatigue

This 21 June, ETF launches the very first Awareness Day on Driver Fatigue in Europe, to draw attention to how critical the problem of driver fatigue in road transport is. ETF and its affiliates will organise actions across Europe this week, calling for urgent measures to raise standards and ensure decent work in the road transport sector.

Press Release
19 Jun 2023

ETF warns: until real social improvements occur, the chaos will continue in aviation

Until the aviation industry is ready to offer real solutions to address the ongoing social issues in the sector, the 2022 summer chaos will repeat in 2023, warns ETF. In a letter to the EU Commissioner for Transport, ETF indicates that an honest social dialogue and ensuring that aviation is a good place to work are crucial to building a sustainable aviation industry.

Press Release
31 May 2023