Just Culture

Does the recent river cruise accident in Budapest point to structural problems with safety?

We offer our sincere condolences to the families of the victims who drowned on the Danube. There is still little clear information, but this is already the 4th accident of the year and the 2019 season is only just getting started. Although we agree that captains carry responsibility for the safety of their passengers and others on the water, we question the tendency to criminalise maritime workers after accidents

5 Jun 2019

ATM Just Culture Toolbox 2018

The improvement of safety in operations in modern day industries relies to a significant extent on a good safety culture. The single most important part of a good safety culture has been recognised as Just Culture. This is an atmosphere of trust where employees feel naturally inspired to call to attention safety risks, even when they themselves may be implicated in the discovery of that safety risk. However it is also clear that unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated. The six ATM partners for Just Culture (ATCEUC, CANSO, ETF, IFAIMA, IFATCA and IFATSEA) representing different actors of the organisational domain (employers, workers, professional staff organisations) have developed,as part of an EU-funded social dialogue project, a toolbox containing a set of guiding principles for developing and implementing a Just Culture in ATM.

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