Second wildcat strike in Grafenhausen shines new light on continued human rights abuses in European road transport

Over 130 truck drivers, who come from countries including Georgia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the Philippines, and Tajikistan, are gathered at the rest area in Grafenhausen, Germany to demand pay owed them by the Polish trucking consortium Mazur Group or Agmaz-Lukmas-Imperia.
It is the second wildcat strike by truck drivers in Germany and has brought renewed attention to the urgent need for intervention by government and industry stakeholders to protect the rights of third-country nationals.

Press Release
27 Jul 2023

Solidarity statement for cross-border drivers striking at Gräfenhausen in Germany

Transport workers across Europe and around the world have been inspired by the courage and willingness to fight of the Georgian and Uzbekistani truck drivers who have been striking for the past two weeks against inhumane conditions and the failure of Polish transport consortium Lukmaz, Agmaz and Imperia to pay their wages.

12 Apr 2023