Ursula von der leyen

Enough is enough: End the Gender Pay Gap!

Based on a recent ETF survey of around 3,000 women transport workers from across Europe, nearly one in three think that they have fewer opportunities to advance in their current workplace than their male colleagues. The survey report points to unequal treatment between men and women as one of the main reasons for the low 22% female make-up of the sector. Enough is enough. On (Un)Equal Pay Day, ETF calls for an end to the gender pay gap. 

4 Nov 2020

Social partners voice their disapproval of CBER prolongation in a letter to von der Leyen

In response to the recent CBER prolongation, social partners sent a letter to the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, expressing their disapproval of the decision pointing to the negative consequences of this action. The decision was not subject to a proper prior evaluation of effects and will likely have detrimental effects on many companies and workers of the logistics and supply chains in the EU.

26 Mar 2020