Take to the streets for a fair Mobility Package!

29 Nov 2018

ETF demonstration:

3 December, 11.00-13.00

In front of European Council, Brussels

On 3 December, EU Transport Ministers might make a deal that is disastrous for bus, coach and truck drivers. Unions are standing up to say NO.

A bad political deal would legalise rest in the vehicle, extend working and driving time, and reduce rest hours for professional drivers.

This, without any impact assessment on driver fatigue and road safety. The latest EU-wide study on driver fatigue was carried out in 2004 by the ILO. Conclusion: “there is a need limit excessive hours of work and irregular working hours, and to provide for adequate periods of rest in order to protect the health and safety of road transport workers, and the public.” And that was 14 years ago when roads and traffic were far less busier than today.

Today, latest EC statistics show that 16.5% of cycling fatalities come as a result of crashes with large commercial vehicles (buses, coaches and trucks). Large vehicles were also responsible for 14% of pedestrian fatalities. More than 600 people, passengers and professional drivers, die each year in crashes involving buses, coaches and trucks.

Fatigue Kills!

We cannot accept this deal, and the ETF will stand with unions across Europe to raise our voice!

On 3 December, from 11:00 – 13:00 we will gather drivers, union activists, international trade union delegations, MEPs, to say STOP! to a deal that puts damages drivers’ welbeing and road safety