The ETF mourns the loss of Bob Crow, General Secretary of Rail, Maritime and Transport union (RMT)

12 Mar 2014

120314_Bob Crow

It is with the deepest sadness we have learnt that our comrade Bob Crow has passed away unexpectedly yesterday morning, Tuesday 11 March, at the age of 52.
Bob has been General Secretary of ETF-affiliate RMT since 2002 and his death comes as a shock. Our thoughts go now to his family and his friends, and to all the comrades who have fought with him over the past years for better workers’ rights.

Bob Crow has always been a committed trade unionist, a real fighter for raising the living standards and improving the conditions of workers, never hesitating to raise his voice in front of the employers and politicians, at national and European level.

We will remember him as tough, committed campaigner, always ready to continue to fight for the trade union cause in a direct and sincere way. His interventions in the ETF Executive Committee and in the ETF Congresses were always inspiring and reminded all of us what we are fighting for, what we are standing for.

The remembrance of Bob’s commitment and dedication to improve the situation of working people will live on and continue to drive us and fight for a more just and better world, as united European transport workers.

The ETF, and in particular the ETF Railway Section, would like you to pass its condolences to Bob’s family for their loss, and to convey our deepest sympathy to his colleagues during these difficult times.

In Solidarity,

Lars Lindgren  Eduardo Chagas     Sabine Trier
President       General Secretary   Deputy General Secretary

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