The ITF women transport workers conference is going digital!

20 Nov 2013

The ITF today launched a vibrant and dynamic new website, which will enable transport workers to connect and contribute to the ITF women transport workers conference taking place in India on 27th and 28th January 2014.

The conference takes place once every four years in the run up to ITF congress and will be an opportunity for women transport workers to contribute to  ITF women’s policy and the action programme for 2015-2018.

Whether affiliates are physically present at the conference in India or not, sisters will be able to have their say on conference activities through online discussions. Those present at the conference are also urged to engage with the site, add their comments and photos, and to share the website link with colleagues in their union to share knowledge and experiences.

ITF women transport workers’ coordinator Alison McGarry encouraged women workers worldwide to engage with the website: “We know that, as women and as transport workers, we are strongest when we share our experiences and learn from each other. This website gives all affiliates an equal opportunity to participate in shaping the future of ITF women’s work – you all have a voice, and we want you to use it!”