The value of teamwork and a good collaboration, crucial for aviation to make it through the summer

7 Jun 2022

How will the aviation industry manage the summer season and the period beyond?

The aviation sector is drifting more and more, as the summer is only a few days away. But beyond the enthusiasm coming from a highly increased number of passengers, it may not save the season. But aviation workers’ reality is totally different, as the industry continues to grow its operations while adjusting to the new post-COVID challenges, such as the staff shortages or skills gaps of the newcomers.

To help focus and coordinate the industry’s safety efforts towards the summer and beyond, EASA has launched a new campaign for the Commercial Air Transport: “Stronger, Safer, Together – Always.” The main goals of this Campaign are to encourage the Commercial Air Transport community to share and discuss its common safety challenges and highlight the importance of collaboration and teamwork across all domains and industry partners.

The “Always” part of the Campaign stands for the industry’s efforts in building a foundation for the future aviation community, not just for this coming summer but even beyond. In contrast, the “Stronger, Safer, Together on-going Campaign “ focuses on three different areas:

  1. Operating Safely with the “Be Ready – Stay Safe” principles;
  2. Managing the passenger journey;
  3. Caring for ourselves and those around us.

Within the passenger journey, EASA is also proposing the exciting “Air Smiles” campaign to tackle the challenge of disruptive passengers and try to help put the fun back into flying.

The materials for all domains can be accessed on the Campaign Downloads page and can be used by anyone to help safety discussions at the National, Local or Organisational Level.

The Campaign will be concluded within the EASA Safety Week, from 27-29 June. Nine webinars are planned over three days to discuss solutions to the operational challenges at the industry and domain level. Until 15 June, registrations are prioritised for organisations from the EASA Member States.