“They’re pushing colleagues out in times of a global pandemic of which FedEx Group is one of the winners in terms of business” – TNT Worker in Germany speaks out

25 Feb 2021

In January, FedEx-TNT – a multi-billion-dollar company – announced that they plan to fire more than 6000 workers in Europe despite last year’s record profits.

FedEx-TNT workers have worked tirelessly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. They’ve transported essential goods into our homes, hospitals and shops under harsh conditions to keep the world moving.

They’re fed up with corporate greed and are speaking out: today; we share the story of a worker in Germany.

As of 15 January 2021, I have been employed by TNT Express GmbH for twenty years. Since the FedEx Group’s takeover and the creeping integration, our department has been treated like a fifth wheel. Initially, we were told that there was no need to worry because there was no comparable service at FedEx.

We were reassured by statements such as: “You’re almost integrated, we don’t have anything like you and your possibilities at FedEx. “or “The Special Services area is one of the fixed pillars in the product portfolio of TNT/FedEx. ”

At first, I saw integration as a real opportunity. And then they neglected our site for more than 4 years, they’ve neglected the distribution of our products and cut our service options more and more in favour of standardised products. They’re pushing both old and young colleagues out in times of a global pandemic of which FedEx Group is one of the winners in terms of business. That’s not how I imagined my anniversary 20 years ago!

I worry – not only about my own job but about 7 colleagues, some of them are young fathers, to whom I, as a works council representative and a supervisor, have to try to explain what the future holds for them, for us. Now the rug was pulled from under their feet at and already very challenging time.

According to the plans of the German management, 7 sub-departments of our department are threatened by closure. Now we’re facing 18 months of fear and lack of perspective before it’s clear what will happen to us!

I am massively disappointed by the Group’s behaviour towards the TNT colleagues in Europe and Germany.


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