Uber is a transport company – ECJ backs professional drivers

20 Dec 2017

Today’s ECJ ruling, confirming that Uber is a transport company and not just an app, is great news for those who support fair transport in Europe. Just as the ETF has always demanded, Uber and its services will be subject to the same rules as all other transport companies – creating a level playing field for competition in the sector. Digital innovation can bring many benefits for transport customers and workers, but it must not be a back door to low quality, precarious work and bogus self-employment.

ETF Deputy General Secretary Sabine Trier reacted: “Today’s ruling is a real victory for professional drivers across Europe – whether they work for Uber or more traditional companies. Here at the ETF, we never accepted Uber’s claim to be just an “information sharing platform” with no responsibility towards its drivers. That attitude was an insult to all transport companies that obey the law. We therefore fully support this ECJ decision, classifying Uber as a ‘service in the field of transport’ and making it subject to the same conditions as any transport company. This will mean better conditions and protection for professional drivers, and marks a decisive step towards fair transport in Europe. The time has now come for Uber to enter dialogue with drivers’ representatives across Europe, in order to regularise conditions for the hardworking staff who deliver its taxi services.”