Union action in the time of COVID-19: BTB’s appeal to petrol stations to keep sanitary facilities open for truckers receives positive response!

3 Apr 2020

As the health crisis continues, Belgium has witnessed its petrol stations shutting down their sanitary facilities:

Belgian union BTB questioned the operators of the petrol stations along the motorways, including Total and Q8, about the availability of sanitary facilities for truckers during this crisis period. They believe that in these times, when truck drivers are at the heart of the economy and supply, just as in neighbouring countries, they have a right to basic hygiene. Showers, toilets and washbasins should be accessible to them along the motorways!

Following their firm appeal, Q8 positively responded by letting them know that they will reopen most of their facilities where possible (it should be noted that facilities are disinfected after each use, and this, of course, requires personnel) and that they intend to keep it this way!

Signs like these will hopefully become less frequent!