Trade unionism is the right way to move forward in Poland

17 Oct 2022

As you reap what you sow, there are solid reasons for us to be proud of our Polish aviation affiliate, TOZPliN!

They deserve our sincere congratulations for their firm determination to organise a trade union information campaign for pilots and cabin crew in front of the LOT Polish Airlines building in the last few days, despite all the obstacles they met on the way!

Without any doubt, we can say now that the wind of change – initially brought by the ‘Central and Eastern Europe Organising Project’ –  will continue to inspire and generate further developments. There is no turning back from this: over 100 aircrew in Poland have been unionised due to our joint project’s continuous efforts.

Moreover, TOZPLiN and the cabin crew are working on a “Report on working conditions of B2B cabin crew at LOT.” Due to be published in November, this document will serve as a solid base for future negotiations demands in the framework of a Collective Bargaining Agreement. LOT pilots on B2B (self-employed) contracts – through its union TOZPLiN – have already submitted their specific demands for negotiations for a collective company agreement and continue to seek dialogue with the employer, despite them trying to kick union organisers out of their office.

Of course, there will be new obstacles on the way, yet, the more LOT Polish Airlines fights against it, the more determined our aviation workers in Poland will continue to be. Because even after being financially supported by public money to make it through the COVID-19 crisis, the state-owned airline refuses any dialogue with its workers.

As always, we stand in solidarity with our members, as we know that together we are stronger! Together, the ETF and its members will continue to create changes to the benefit of transport workers. And just as a short reminder to those who may have forgotten: there is no aviation industry without aviation workers!