UPS threatens jobs cuts in Belgium. European UPS workers react!

20 Mar 2019

On 14 March 2019, the logistics giant UPS announced the cut of 94 jobs in Belgium, as a part of a “transformation process” which, according to management, should make the company sustainable in the long run.

This happened without properly involving the European Works’ Council, where nothing about these job cuts was mentioned. Trade unions organising UPS workers all over Europe are concerned, since the “transformation process” was announced as a general strategy.

Furthermore, these lay-offs are announced in a financially solid company, indicating that management chooses to pursue pure profiteerings, especially since UPS expects business to grow in the next years.

Belgian unions have already threatened the firm with industrial action if the job cuts are confirmed.

It is vital that workers stand together in the face of such outrageous behaviour by a huge multinational corporation. The ETF has immediately launched a solidarity action, and we call on all ETF affiliates to show solidarity with their Belgian colleagues!