USO sues Lauda Europe for unfair dismissal of trade union rep

30 Jun 2021

USO trade union representative fired for reporting precarious salary conditions of Lauda Europe cabin crew and refusing to reveal the informant’s identity.

Airline Lauda Europe (Ryanair subsidiary) has fired a trade union representative of USO Iles Balears. The reason? The trade union representative refuses to reveal the name of a worker who provided them with information about their salary to the works’ council – information that was later shared on social networks to denounce the airlines’ precarious wages.

The salaries in question are below the minimum wage. Trade union representatives have the right to blow the whistle and defend workers’ rights – this is the very nature of their work.

Lauda believes that this is a breach of confidentiality, but it is freedom of speech and freedom of activity.

The right to organise is the most basic of labour rights and must be upheld. Trade unionists must be protected when carrying out union activities and allowed to defend workers.

Firing a union representative for defending the workers they represent is union-busting, plain and simple.

USO Iles Balears is now suing Lauda Europe for unfair dismissal.

But, this is not the only legal procedure against Lauda in Spain. The company has a bad reputation when it comes to workers’ rights – unlawfully reduced wages during the pandemic, taking advantage of government schemes to save on staff costs…

The ETF lends its full support. We will not stand for attacks on trade union and workers’ rights!