Welcome to our new Steering Committee of the ETF Aviation Section!

26 Apr 2022

We have a new Steering Committee of the ETF Aviation Section!

The Chair and the Steering Committee of the ETF Aviation Section for the 2022 – 2027 period were elected during the ETF Aviation Section’s meeting of last week.

Based on the votes of our members, the Aviation Section Steering Committee is composed as follows:


Oliver Richardson, Unite the Union, UK


  • Karsten Kristensen, 3F, Denmark
  • Mira Neumaier, Ver.di, Germany
  • Luigi Mansi, FIT-CISL, Italy

Women’s representative:

  • Anneli Nyberg, Parat, Norway

Ordinary members:

  • Enrique Carmona, CCOO, Spain
  • Jonas Eriksson, Unionen, Sweden
  • Lubomir Drenski, FTTUB, Bulgaria
  • Sandrine Nikolic-Fuss, Kapers, Switzerland

Ex-officio members:

  • Daniela Modonesi, FILT-CGIL, Italy – Chair of Ground Staff Committee
  • Gauthier Sturtzer, USAC-CGT, France – Chair of Air Traffic Management Committee
  • Kris Major, Unite, UK – Chair of Joint Aircrew Committee

Co-opted members:

  • Alberto Mazzei, FIT-CISL, Italy
  • Arnaud Michel, CGT Transports, France

We look forward to working together and be stronger, creative and more efficient in defending the civil aviation workers’ rights!