Welcome to our new ETF Youth Steering Committee!

23 May 2022

ETF Youth Committee not only voted on Committee members, but also on a new logo

We have a new ETF Youth Steering Committee!

ETF Youth conference officially opened the 6th ETF Congress week in Budapest. The competition for the people representing the Youth Committee for the five coming years was passionate but fair!

Based on the votes of our members, the Youth Steering Committee is composed as follows:

2 Co-Chairs:

  • Céline RUFFIE (CFDT Cheminots, France)
  • Robin VARZSAK (BTB-ABVV, Belgium)

Ordinary Members:

  • Ante ČORIĆ (SUC, Croatia)
  • Kaan GÜNDEŞ (TÜMTİS, Turkey)

Women’s Representatives:


We look forward to working together and being more engaged, more creative, and speaking up for the young transport workers!