WESS Project in a nutshell

10 Jan 2023

For the last two years (2020-2022), the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) and the European Community Shipowners’ Associations (ECSA), the EU social partners for maritime transport, have been working closely together with the contractors within joint WESS project (funded by the EU), for an attractive, smart and sustainable working environment in the shipping sector.

Under the WESS project, ETF and ECSA conducted studies on the impact of digitalisation on board and on enhancing the participation of women in EU shipping, including through the development of campaign material, a career booklet and an online survey and the translation of the ICS-ITF international guidelines on workplace harassment and bullying into 15 languages.

The outcomes and the recommendations of the project were presented at a very successful Conference in Brussels on 30 November 2022: Projects and Events – Wess (wessproject.eu, with a focus on the central studies on enhancing the participation of women in shipping and addressing the impact of digitalisation on the maritime workforce.

Activities completed under Pillar 1 of the Project:

  1. Internet on board: publication of guidelines on the provision and appropriate use of internet access on board for seafarers’ personal use: can be found here
  2. Digitalisation on board: publication of a research report on the increased usage of digitalisation on board and the possible benefits/improvements to shipboard safety and welfare
  1. Anti-bullying and harassment: translation of the ICS-ITF International Guidelines to Shipping Companies on Eliminating Workplace Harassment and Bullying into 15 languages, including Tagalog and Russian: can be found here: Click Here

Activities completed under Pillar 2 on enhancing the participation of Women in Shipping

Enhancing women’s participation in European shipping: