Wizz Air must behave!

24 May 2022

The truth will always win, and justice will prevail! We know the difficulties of the jobs at Wizz and what our transport workers in aviation face, being treated just as figures in a cold Wizz statistics.

But the ETF is in Budapest this week for the 6th ETF Congress. So, we could not have missed the chance to speak up when being in Wizz Air’s home town. 









Outside the Hungarian Parliament, over 100 ETF members called on Wizz Air to stop union-busting and respect its workers. Once again, we want to ensure that our voice, representing over 5 million transport workers across Europe, is clear and loud; and Monday afternoon, in front of the Hungarian Parliament – together with our affiliates, we asked Wizz Air to behave.







ETF President, Frank Moreels, was straightforward:

Today, in front of the Hungarian Parliament, we are all Wizz Air workers! The management of Wizz Air must know that if they attack one Wizz Air worker, they attack all of us. Wizz Air CEO Jozsef Varadi deserves to get ‘the worst employer’ title.’

And our General Secretary, Livia Spera, added:

‘Wizz Air abandoned their workers in Ukraine. This is a company that uses practices from the ‘90 century. The walk is very long ahead of us, but eventually we will win this battle. ‘

ETF Civil Aviation Section Chair, Oliver Richardson, also wanted to remind Wizz Air CEO Jozsef Varadi:

We convinced Ryanair to change! Now, the time has come for Wizz Air to behave and show respect to its workers! We will get there; we will end union busting in Wizz Air, get the aviation workers’ rights, and win collective bargaining.

Never give up, never give in! Because people are not just for profit! Workers have rights, not just obligations! And we know how strong we are when we are together!