Women in Rail Annual Reports

29 Dec 2018

The European social partners in the rail sector publish annual Women in Rail reports on the development of women’s employment in the rail sector in Europe.

The reports are first of all statistical reports and as such unique in the transport sector in Europe. But they also promote and monitor the implementation of the CER-ETF Joint Recommendations for a better representation and integration of women in the railway sector.

Six Women in Rail reports were published so far: in 2013 (2012 data), 2014 (2013 data), 2016 (2014 data), 2017 (2015 data), 2018 (2017 data), and 2020 (2018 data). Women’s employment increased slightly from 19,5% in 2012 to 21.4% in 2018. More details on the share of women in different professions, leadership, etc, can be found in the reports.